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What kind of Frolic-er are you?

Three more sleeps until the Toronto Knitters Frolic and I want to know what kind of frolic-er you are.

Frolic is a fun annual event held at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre which is located at 6 Garamond Court in Toronto.  For directions click here.  Admission is $8, cash only.

Frolic attracts all sorts of wonderful people, both vendor and consumer.  My first Frolic, before I bought Georgetown Yarn was with a group of friends.  There were nine of us and I discovered that we all Frolic-ked in different ways.  Some went in with patterns in hand knowing exactly what yarn they needed, how much and what colour.  They even knew what type of buttons (if that was a requirement for their project).

Some of us went in with no idea of what we were looking for.  We were just looking and having fun.  We would walk around the entire venue feeling different yarns and talking with the vendors, trying to figure out what had to go home with us.  Like all yarn lovers, we knew that if we listened hard enough the yarn would talk to us and we would know what needed to be adopted.

No matter what sort of Frolic-er a person is the one thing that never changes is that as you walk around you will stroke and/or be stroked.  All yarnies will be wearing something that they or someone else made for them and without fail none of us can stop ourselves from reaching out to feel and comment on the item in question.

Now that I am a yarn store owner and vendor at the Frolic, I get to watch people as they come in with their lists or as they wander around taking it all in before they start shopping.  Either way, everyone is there for a good time and a good time is always had.

Whatever type of Frolic-er you are , I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, April 28 at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Booth S 30.


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