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Show and Share – September 14

Our Thursday social events are a lot of fun and a great way to catch up on what has been happening in people’s lives all week and to see how people are progressing on their knitting and crochet projects.

This week we have a number of new items to show and share.

Images from Left to Right

The Zick Zack scarf in Saki Bamboo knit by Opal G., Baby sack in Estelle Chunky knit by Betty-Anne W., Hedgehog Twist Sock shawl knit by Linda M., and Canoe Classic Cables Cardigan knit by Pat K.


Saki Bamboo Zick Zack scarf by Opal G. Estelle Chunky Baby Sack by Betty-Anne Hedgehog shawl by Linda M. Sugar Bush Canoe Class Cables Cardigan by Pat K.

Shhh, don’t tell anyone but Opal’s scarf is going to be a Christmas present for a very lucky person.

Linda’s Hedgehog shawl started as a single colour but because she was making it up as she went along (in other words not following a pattern) she was able to incorporate two other colours in her work.   She came up with this beautiful summer shawl just in time for the last two weeks of summer in September.  Who knew summer would not start until now this year?

Pat got a head start on the Knit-A-Long that we are starting on October 3.   She has already started the Classic Cables Cardigan in Sugar Bush Canoe and is well on he way to it being complete. The colourway she chose is Whitewater and it is coming along beautifully,  We are all rushing her along because we are anxious to see it complete.  She tells us it is a happy knit and I believe her because it makes me happy to watch her work on it.  I will be making mine in Red Maple.

To join us just click Classic Cables Cardigan KAL to get more information.

My baby sack using Estelle Chunky is so squishy and lovely that I am going to find something else to knit with it.  It has been suggested that I should make an adult size version.  Hmmmm!   Winter is coming, as John Snow would say, so lets start planning hats and scarves and maybe even a lovely sweater.

The purple and grey crochet shawl is also made by Linda M.  Her colour selection is gorgeous, don’t you think.  She is  using Sugar Bush Chill for this project.  I love seeing how people blend colours to make something truly unique.

Remember, patterns are guidelines, you can choose whatever colour you want and we can even help you switch up the yarn if you want a different look.

We meet every Thursday evening from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. so come join us as we would love to see what you are working on.

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