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Living with Renovations . . . but not mine!

Renovations – A Day in the life of a Yarn Store Owner

Georgetown Yarn RenovationsSo wow, renovations, right?!  We have all been through them in one form or another.  I remember, before my husband and I got married, we decided to strip, sand and stain our hardwood floors.  Well, we still got married, so I guess that turned out well.

Tuesdays are turning into very exciting days at Georgetown Yarn.  This week when I showed up at the shop I came in to the dulcet tones of power tools and hammers and all sorts of other tool shenanigans.  Wow and I hadn’t even had my tea yet.  It seems that renovations had begun.  There were people in the basement of the building that houses our shop and they are, I am guessing, getting ready for new tenants.

Alright no problem, it is early I am sure they will stop before business starts for the day.


The hammering and sawing and power tools continued throughout the morning.  And just for fun there was the added floor shaking.  That was neat.  Especially as I was teaching a group of young children how to knit.  All of this did pass by lunchtime but then the painting began, but at least it was quiet.  The fumes from paint are not my favourite aroma.  In fact, I am sensitive to all fragrances as they cause me migraines, which is why I don’t wear perfume.  So the afternoon was fun as you can, no doubt, imagine.  But then it was over.

I have to say the team that was working in the basement  was very fast.  From the sounds I was hearing it seems that they did an awful lot of work and they finished it in one day.  Pretty amazing.  I have not seen the results, but to quote Barney from How I Met Your Mother, “newer is always better”, so I like to believe that when tenants move in they will be happy with the new digs.

What renovation nightmares have you endured?


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