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From the archives – A Winter Gift for Ladies

Archive - Winter GiftI think I need to start an archive with all the old patterns and pattern books and needlework magazines I have.  They range in age from 80 to over 100 years old.  Many of the patterns I have are from my mother, grandmother and great grandmother but I also have some magazines that have been gifted to me over the years.  I love reading them and seeing how the terminology has changed over the years.  With that in mind, I am going to share one of the magazines that I found online.  Following is an excerpt from the magazine that will explain it. (All grammar and spelling mistakes below, belong to the author of the book “Winter Gift”.)

Winter Gift for Ladies

To the Ladies of America

It is customary amongst the German ladies to have at hand some light piece of work, with which they can at any time be employed.  When passing the evening in one another’s society, even when passing a morning visit, or after dinner at a dinner party, or while sipping coffee, or taking ices at the public gardents they consider their knitting or netting needles an indispensable accommpaniement.  And there appears to be a charm in the occupation that promotes rather than impedes conversation.

Our American ladies will doubtless find the custom one worthy of imitation.  Many an hour which would pass tediously if there were forced to find topics of conversation, may be whiled pleasantly and profitably away, by the assistance of some agreeable employment, which interests without engrossing the attention.  The facility of carrying about almost all species of knitting and netting render them peculiarly well adapted to this purpose

In the following little work all the different species of knitting, netting and crotchet, are so carefully explained, that a person totally unacquainted with their mysteries, may become a proficient with very slight pains.  The most useful kinds of knitting, as well as the more fanciful, have been carefully inserted, and many new stitches are now offered to the ladies of America, with which we flatter ourselves, they have never before been acquainted.

Okay, so now that you are ready for it, follow this link to read the book and get the patterns.

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