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Crochet Class That Kept Growing

Crochet Class – A Day in the life of a Yarn Store Owner

crochetSo what do you do when you have a class scheduled with only one student?  You run it anyway!

It all started with a class posting on our Events page on our website.  We run a monthly crochet class (age 16 and up) which is always fun and helps people at all levels.  Well, this time only one person had signed up for the class as of the day before the class.

The day of the class arrived an as I was enjoying my Saturday at the shop, having fun with people and learning about what projects they are working on, in walks a lady looking for paint.  We got to chatting and as always happens, we got on a tangent from paint to learning to knit and then to crochet.  How serendipitous.  She wants to learn to crochet and I have a class scheduled for that day.  It was just before lunch so she books into the class and off she goes to find a local place for lunch.

An hour and 15 minutes before the class is to start I know have two people registered for the class.  We would run the class even with one person but two is better.  As I am getting the room ready for the class, a woman popped in and mentioned she saw the crochet class listing on our website and is there room for her.  Well of course we do.  I show her into the room to select her yarn to work with and as we are chatting two more ladies come in wanting to take the crochet class.  Wow I hope I don’t scare the instructor.  So now these ladies are all selecting their yarn when even more people come in for the class and then finally the lady who actually signed up online for the class arrives.

The instructor arrives the class begins and lo and behold we are 30 minutes in to the class when what should happen an eighth person pops in.  When she sees what is happening she decides she wants to take the class as well.

The class was a hit. Everyone learned something and fun was had by all.

What more could a person ask?

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