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Crafter's Corner

Opal with her shawl

I learned the basics of knitting and crocheting as a child, inspired by my crafty Grandmothers. I made the usual teenaged scarves and a few blankets, but overall I was terrible at it, and it made my hands hurt, so I dropped it. I told myself I was “just bad at knitting” and took up web development and quilting instead.

I spent Christmas 2016 with a friend in Newfoundland who is an excellent knitter. Over the years she has gifted me with a number of beautiful items that she has knit herself. On a whim, I asked Rayna to teach me how to knit, figuring we’d get a good laugh out of how awful the results were… only to discover that I was actually pretty good! I made my first set of socks over Christmas and then discovered the magical yarn universe that is Georgetown Yarn.

I am often found knitting while out and about, for example, at the doctor’s office, before meetings, and at the coffee shop. I’m now known in the Ontario Rally community for my “rally socks,” since they’re an ideal project for killing time between event stages. (Important safety tip: do not knit WHILE IN STAGE!)

In under a year I’ve graduated from simple socks to shawls and baby sweaters. Soon I hope to make progress on my first adult-sized sweater, though so far the instructions and yarn have eluded me.

You can see my projects on Ravelry: my handle is gangofpenguins.