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Crafter's Corner


My mother showed me how to knit when I was around 8/10 years of age.  I was born in 1943, so knitting yarn was becoming more available at that time after the war in the U.K..  Up until then, my sister and mother used to make amazing sweaters (jumpers) out of darning wool for which one did not need ration coupons.

For my very first knitting project I chose a cardigan.  My mother did give me some guidance and she helped me with buttonholes, and decreasing etc. but I was thrilled that I could begin understanding patterns.
And so from then on I knitted doll’s clothes and then onto scarves, mittens etc. and really loved the whole feel of the different yarns and learning new stitches. And then for some reason my interest moved onto sewing, and I made suits, skirts and even my bridesmaids dresses.  And then my husband and I moved to Canada 50 years ago!
We subsequently had two beautiful daughters, and I then began to knit, all of the time! again!  I tried new stitches and thoroughly enjoyed producing some really beautiful clothes, which were nice and cozy and warm, and very necessary while we were living in Ottawa!
We now have 11 grandchildren and almost every year I knitted something or other for them.  A particular project was for one of my grandsons.  He needed 20 or so Beanies to be knitted and sold at an event where he was performing.  He is now a singer, song writer and producer. The proceeds were to go to my daughter’s Philanthropic company, called GoPhilanthropic.
I then moved on to knitting socks, bags, and scarves made from different yarns, etc. where the proceeds also went to GoPhilanthropic.  In fact a few years ago my husband and I had a stall during the Farmers Market here in Georgetown, and we almost sold everything we had!
None of my children were really interested in knitting.  They did try to knit the occasional scarf from time to time. But really loved the pieces I made for them and for the grandchildren.
My youngest grandchild who is 12 has been very interested in watching me knit over the past few years.  And then a couple of years ago I took her into Betty-Anne Whipp’s wonderful yarn store, and she chose some yarns that were soft and silky.  She also became interested in different stitches, and has been trying her hand at using a circular needle!  Because of her interest, her mother became curious to see what she herself could make.  I suggested that she make squares of the same size and different tones and stitches to make a cushion cover.  As it turned out my granddaughter helped my daughter with some of the stitches!