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Crafter's Corner

Crafters Corner Deanna

Hi everyone, my name is Deanna Torney. I love to knit and have recently been learning to crochet. My interest in knitting started at a very young age of 4 or 5 years old. I remember watching my Oma knit sweaters and doll clothes. I would ask if I could knit too. My Oma would give me a set of needles and a small ball of purple scrap yarn and I would sit there doing my best to try to copy her. Once I was in grade 6 she taught me how to make my first square. I then moved onto scarves and took a break. I pick my needles back up during college and since then the lovely ladies that have been at Georgetown Yarn have been here to help me grow in my skills as a knitter. I have grown in my knitting skills and expanded into the crochet world over the past three years. Don’t ask me which one I like best because I couldn’t tell you. I love them both and it depends on the project. I have many W.I.P from shawls, socks, blankets to toys. My favourite place to have my needles clicking is at my cottage, and in the boat on the lake. My projects will however travel where ever I go.