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Crafter's Corner

Well when I first became interested in Knitting I was only 9 years old.  One day when I came home from school I seen my mom knitting and I asked her to teach me.

It was a few weeks later I received my first pair of knitting needles and a ball of yarn. Mom showed me how to cast on the stitches and then began to show me how to knit. The one thing she did say it will take some practice to get it right. I needed a lot of practice….stitches too loose, stitches too tight, stitches falling off the needles. It took a few weeks to get it going but I finally got it. Once I got the tension going I was happy. I think the first thing I made was a scarf for my doll.  Then I seem to have forgotten about knitting for a long time.

I picked knitting back up when I had gotten married and was wanting to make my new husband at the time a sweater. We were just married and winter was coming so I thought what a great idea it would be to do a sweater for him for Christmas….well like a secret agent I knit the sweater when he wasn’t around. Was feeling so great about doing this for a loved one. Well long story short the body fit him really well, but the sleeves well let say it looked like Popeye’s muscles were over sized and sagging towards the ground. He said he loved it but a little large in the sleeve you can fix it right. I started to laugh and said ya right, never did fix it for him….lol…had a great laugh about. No one ever said anything about gauge didn’t know never did a gauge…lol..

Once my kids were born I decide to try again this knitting thing and well things were working out for me. I made my kids one in pink and one in blue with grey elephant going around the bodice of the sweater and matching hats. Made a sweater for my nephew with a picture of a farm on the back for him. As they got older again I put away my needles….a few years ago decide I am going to try this again and now I am knitting hats for four grandkids and one great nephew. Making dish clothes as well my family love receiving these anytime of the year.

Then found on face book these great posts that have a lot of knitting patterns and different places with yarn. Love sharing these posts on my face book so others get to see too. I look up where their locations are so I can become brave one day and start doing road trips. As the small town I live in doesn’t have any really good yarn shops. My dream was to have a huge craft shop with all different crafts in one place, and helping people learn these skills, but my dreams haven’t got there yet.

Just made myself a shawl and was my first kal project with Marly Bird knit a long….had fun doing that. I am working on Christmas presents for my 4 grand kids new hats and cowls this year and maybe slippers.
I enjoy knitting as I am learning a lot of things like tension, gauge and what is important to have things turn out. I find with the knitting it really helps me relax and go into another world where I forget about issues I don’t want to think about. I love that I can teach my grand kids how to knit as well at least the two oldest show some interest one of each gender are trying….