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Cardigans for babies are my new passion!

I don’t know why, perhaps it is because they are so tiny and cute and easy to work up, but lately I have developed a passion for knitting baby cardigans.

Baby sweaters

I started with the little work sock snuggler available for free on Ravelry.  Then we hosted Shelridge Yarn for our monthly Trunk Show and Sale and I bought some of their pattern books and have been going crazy with their “Need A Baby Cardigan” (shown below in our sale library).  I am on my third sweater in that book.  Wow.  So fun and addictive.

pattern books


And before you go crazy and think I am getting broody, let me put your mind to rest.  That ship has sailed.  I have my wonderful family but I am done.  One boy and one girl – in that order – are enough for me.  And, no I am definitely not ready for grandchildren, despite my friend Janice telling me to be careful because I am tempting fate by having so much fun with knitting baby things.  But to be fair, I did warn my husband that when our children are old enough to give us grandchildren things would become insane around our house.  He will have to watch where he sits for all the baby items that I will be knitting.

One of the many things I love about knitting these tiny cardigans is that you never have time to become bored with a pattern.  We all know the joy we feel when we grab our sticks and yarn and cast on those very first stitches. There is not a better feeling.  Unless it is casting off those same stitches after you have done adult cardigans in fingering weight yarn.  My heavens, it feels like years knitting a project like that (but we still love it).  However a baby garment can be completed in a couple of days or even hours depending on the item and the yarn involved.

What is your current knitting or crochet passion?  Maybe you too are going crazy with baby cardigans, or blankets, or even hats for the fall and winter.  Whatever it is, keep fueling your passion and have fun, crochet and knitting is good for the brain.



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