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2018 Finish-A-Long

Welcome to the 2018 Third Quarter Finish-A-Long (FAL). This is the first time we are doing an event like this and it is going to be a super fun, casual and low-pressure community event.  Now is the time to haul out those projects that have been put in time out because you didn’t want to sew them up, decided you wanted to do something less complicated, more complicated or just plain got distracted by a new yarn or new pattern.

The FAL works like this

Start by dragging out those incomplete projects and taking pictures of them.  One project per picture.  In the picture you must include the partially complete project, the yarn, needles or crochet hook and the pattern.  The more projects you have incomplete the better because then if you finish them you will have more chances to win prizes.

This FAL is not just for started projects but also for those projects you purchased yarn for and have not yet started.  Drag out that yarn and take a picture.  Again, one project per picture.  The picture must include the yarn, the pattern and the needles or crochet hook that will be used to work on the project.

Now what do we do with all these pictures?  First, we go over to Georgetown Yarn Facebook page and “Like” our page before you then start posting your pictures.  One project picture per post and Georgetown Yarn MUST be tagged in all pictures so that we can receive notification and add your project to the list.  In the post please include the name of the pattern.  If we are not tagged we will not receive notification and that project won’t be included on the list and you will not receive credit if you do finish it during the Third Quarter FAL.

When you finish one of the projects on your list then you need to post again on Georgetown Yarn’s Facebook page and this time we need two pictures.  You need to post the original picture as well as the finished project.  Again, you MUST tag Georgetown Yarn in the post so that you get credit for the completed project.

Remember, this is low pressure so there is no penalty for not finishing a project.  It just means that you won’t get a draw ticket for the prizes.  You do receive a draw ticket for every project on the list that you do finish.

Also, if you finish a project that is not on your list you will not get a draw ticket, but good for you for finishing it anyway.  😊  Even if you don’t think you will get to a project throw a picture in anyway, just in case.  Better too many than not enough.

The FAL on social media:

Please visit and like our Facebook page (click here) You can find us on instagram as @georgetownyarn

The Rules

To be entered as complete, the project must be a completely finished project, eg a wearable garment must be all sewn together and all objects must be blocked if the pattern calls for it.  Garments must be in a finished state to be worn in public.

As mentioned earlier, there are no penalties for incomplete items on your list so go crazy and make a huge list and roll projects over from one quarter to the next if you need to because this will likely become a regular event.

All qualifying projects will be put into a prize draw, and the names drawn at random for each of the prizes donated by our sponsors for that quarter.

The FAL is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

We ask that you participate in the FAL community by liking and commenting on photos from other participants.  Give only love as we are a very friendly community.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, ALL project photos must be posted in Facebook and tagged with “Georgetown Yarn” no later than 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday, July 14, 2018, in order to be included in this 3rd quarter FAL.

Good luck everyone.



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